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PlaneTalkRadio is dedicated to promoting an appreciation and understanding of business aviation and issues facing the business aviation community. It is hosted by Stewart Lapayowker, Esq., an attorney whose practice is focused on business aviation. Shows will explore the ins and outs of owning, operating, buying, selling, financing and maintaining aircraft, and will have guests from different fields of aviation, including aircraft owners, flight department managers, manufacturers, fractional programs, aircraft brokers, finance companies, attorneys and others. We’ll try to answer your questions about business aviation, and have some fun while doing it!

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Buying an Aircraft Part 2

Starting in January, we’ll be having a series of shows dedicated to aircraft acquisitions. Although Stewart handles the acquistion of corproate aircraft as part of his daily aviation law practice, how does he handle being a possible owner? Join us as we move through the different stages of an aircraft acquisition. Part 2:  The search for the ?  We’ll discuss the market for the aircraft that we’ve selected, we’ll see what’s out there, and visiting with sellers and dealers. Please join us!